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Areas of Practice

General Civil Practice

Administrative Law

My administrative law practice consists of representing clients before various State of Texas Boards, State Office of Administrative Hearings, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Texas Workforce Commission.

I have successfully handled numerous U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cases for employers.  It is important to prevail at this level to discourage further litigation. 

Employment Law

My employment practice consists primarily representing employers in legal issues that arise with employees including hiring practices, confidential information, competition, discrimination, policy manuals, and termination.

For employers, my goal is to help you do the little things that prevent future problems.  For example, I can advise you as the employer on how to properly discipline or terminate an employee properly so that you should prevail in a Texas Workforce Commission unemployment claim or in a hearing on unemployment or in a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation. 


Family Law

My family law practice deals with all issues of divorce, modification of existing decrees, and marital property.  I also draft agreements incident to divorce, and pre/post marital agreements.

My goal is to resolve these matters with the least cost to you in money and emotion. 


Immigration Law

My immigration practice consists primarily of family petitions for permanent residence, marriage of foreign spouse issues, and non-immigrant and immigrant employment issues.

I understand these issues first hand as my wife and stepson are naturalized citizens. 


Wills & Probate

My wills practice includes the drafting of wills, trusts, living will or directive to physicians, durable power of attorney for healthcare, and durable power of attorney.  My probate practice consists of probating wills with and without administration, heirship actions and administration of estates without a will, small estates, and affidavits of heirship.

Having a will is very important for your loved ones who survive you.  Administering an estate without the benefit of a will can cost over $1,000.00 just for court costs.  A will can enable your loved one to resolve your estate in a matter of weeks as opposed to months without a will.  A will can insure that your loved ones take your estate instead of an estranged family member. 


Real Estate Law

My real estate law practice deals with all aspects of real estate transactions.  Litigation covers title issues, partition issues, and the purchase and sale of real estate.